7 Things Your Cat Might Actually Be Grateful For

Thanksgiving is coming up quickly! It’s always nice to spend some quality time with our loved ones while enjoying some delicious food. Our feline friends are definitely high on the list of things that we’re appreciative of. Fluffy’s loving purrs, affectionate snuggles, silly antics, and generally adorable personalities really brighten up our lives. Kitties are also a wonderful source of comfort in troubled times. What do you think your little furball is thankful for? Vets Flat Rock, NC lists a few possibilities in this article.


Good food, fresh water, veterinary care, and clean litterboxes are all crucial to both your furball’s health and overall quality of life. Fluffy is definitely appreciative of the love and care you give her!


Cats are pretty opportunistic nappers, to say the least. Fluffy will sprawl out or curl up just about anywhere. She’s also been known to squish herself into anything she can fit into, or just drape herself over, well, pretty much anything. That said, your drowsy pet will still appreciate having lots of soft, comfy beds to choose from.


One of Fluffy’s more adorable quirks is her fascination with boxes. Big boxes, small boxes, it doesn’t matter … kitties tend to just hop right in. Give your cute pet a new one to look smug in! 


Cats love to nap and relax in warm, sunny spots. If your furry friend has a bed or piece of kitty furniture in a sunbeam, it’s probably safe to assume that it would make her list.


Our feline buddies are always adorable, but they’re never cuter than when they’re enjoying the effects of some catnip. Give your playful pet a new toy for the holiday. (Bonus: you can provide your guests with live entertainment.) 


Fluffy is a ferocious hunter by nature, so she’s naturally interested in watching squirrel antics. Give your furry voyeur a comfy window seat, where she can relax and watch local critters.

Lap Space

Although some kitties are on the aloof side, many of our feline pals really just want to spend as much time as possible with their humans. Fluffy is also rather fond of using us as furniture! 

Happy Thanksgiving! Please do not hesitate to contact us if ever we can be of assistance. As your veterinary clinic Flat Rock, NC, we’re here to help! 

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