5 Reasons To Adopt An Older Dog

It’s Adopt A Senior Pet Month! If you’re ready to bring a new canine pal into your home, please consider giving an older pooch a happy retirement. Dogs in their senior years may not be as popular as puppies and kittens, but they do make wonderful pets. A animal hospital Flat Rock, NC lists some ‘awesome’ characteristics of senior dogs below. 

No Training Needed 

Puppies are great, but they also take a lot of work. Fido needs to learn how to be a good boy! Older dogs have usually already completed their ‘petucation,’ and should know the ins and outs of being a pet. (Your canine pal may also be a begging expert at this stage, but that’s besides the point.) 

Calm Demeanor

Another wonderful thing about older dogs and cats is the fact that they tend to be very calm and laid-back. In fact, pups in their golden years often have a super sweet demeanor that can really just melt your heart. Those sweet eyes, those slow tail wags, and those adorable senior-doggy snores really are precious!

Less Activity Needs

If you’ve ever had a younger pooch, you know that they can be furry bundles of zoom. Senior dogs are much calmer. Fido is probably more interested in taking a slow stroll around the block than in racing after every squirrel he sees. 

No Surprises

When you get a puppy or kitten, there’s always some guesswork involved when it comes to figuring out what they will look like as an adult. Size is often a concern, largely because so many landlords and HOAs have size restrictions. This isn’t the case with older dogs: you’ll be able to see exactly what Fido looks like, and what his personality is.

Tail Wags

Our canine friends are very smart, and they know when someone has helped them. Older pets tend to be very loving, loyal, and affectionate with their humans … likely because they’re so grateful! Fido will show his appreciation in some super cute ways. He may stick beside you, follow you around, or just happily thump his tail whenever you pay attention to him. Don’t be surprised if you find that your sweet, friendly senior dog is the best pet you’ve ever had!

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