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Cute Ways Cats Demand Respect

March 15 2021

March 28th is a very auspicious day for our feline friends: it’s Respect Your Cat Day. These little furballs certainly do have a way of wrapping us around their paws and getting them to pamper them. Have you ever wondered just how cats manage to boss us around so much? A Hendersonville, NC vet lists some of Fluffy’s methods below.

M  eow

When it comes to kitty manipulation, the meow is definitely number one. Cats may have started meowing specifically to give us orders. Fluffy doesn’t bother to ‘speak’ to other cats. Adult cats usually communicate with each other via body language. 

L eg Rub

Does your kitty sometimes rub against your legs? A few decades ago, this behavior was often sparked by the sound of the can opener. Now, in the era of pop-top cans, Fluffy may do this when you’re cooking or even just in the kitchen. It can be pretty hard to resist these adorable requests for food or attention!

P aw Smacks

Our feline pals sometimes politely paw us when they want food or attention. This is a pretty cute way of demanding respect!

T rip-And-Weave

Another trick that Fluffy has in her arsenal? Running out in front of you, so that you’re forced to stop or sidestep to evade her. On the one hand, this could be your kitty’s way of helping you work on your reflexes and balance. However, this tactic is usually used on humans that are late giving their feline overlords breakfast. Or second breakfast. Or dinner.

P urrs

One of Fluffy’s most charming quirks is the way she literally vibrates with happiness. As it turns out, purrs have a very soothing, relaxing effect on us. But, you may have to pamper your feline buddy a bit to get that motor going. That’s one way to demand respect!

K itty Physics

Cats may be small, but they’re surprisingly lithe and agile. It can be very difficult to bathe Fluffy, or get her into her carrier. And, as anyone who’s ever had to handle an uncooperative kitty knows, those little claws are sharp!

H unting

Kitties are actually formidable hunters. In fact, they kill billions of small animals a year. That is definitely noteworthy! (Note: out of respect for local wildlife, keep your pint-sized lion indoors.)

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