CBEST Virtual Seminar

CBEST Virtual Seminar

  • 12-1 pm: Marty Greer, DVM- Owner of Veterinary Village, providing breeding, pediatric and reproductive services, “Making C-sections maximize your breeding program”
  • 1-2 pm: Erin Runcan, DVM, DACT – Associate Professor in Clinical Theriogenology and Reproductive Medicine at The Ohio State University CVM, “Pearls and pitfalls of progesterone testing”
  • 2-3 pm: Alyssa Helms, DVM- 2018 AKC-AKC CHF-TF Resident at Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine, “Canine Brucellosis: a review of what every breeder needs to know about this disease”
  • 3-4 pm: Joann Randall, DVM, DACT – Practitioner at the Animal Hospital of Woodstock, specializing in all aspects of canine reproduction, “How studly is your stud?”

Registration is $59. All times are listed in Central Standard Time. All proceeds will benefit the AKC-AKC CHF-TF Residency Program.

November 7, 2020

The Theriogenology Foundation organizes and supports these Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar Track (CBEST) sessions around the country and virtually. The following program, in virtual format, will be given live on November 7. Proceeds of this event will be used to support the AKC-AKC CHF-TF residency program.

Join us November 7, 2020 as we host our virtual Canine Breeder Excellence Seminar Track!

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The Small Animal Theriogenology Residency Program is a collaboration between the American Kennel Club, the AKC Canine Health Foundation, and the Theriogenology Foundation to increase the number of trained practitioners in companion animal theriogenology and clinical genetics.

Theriogenology is the branch of veterinary medicine concerned with reproduction, including the physiology and pathology of male and female reproductive systems, and the clinical practice of veterinary obstetrics, gynecology, and andrology. The two-to-three-year residency program provides specialty training in all aspects of companion animal reproductive medicine and surgery, clinical genetics, as well as clinical practice related to male and female reproduction, obstetrics and neonatology. Each residency provides $100,000 in support. Through 2020, twelve residencies have been awarded with the 13th and 14th residents to be selected in 2021

Meet our 2020 residents!