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House Calls

Can’t make it to the clinic with your pet? Our house call service may be just the solution you need!

There are a number of scenarios in which bringing your pet to the vet isn’t feasible. Perhaps your companion is too sick to make the trip or you have multiple pets and managing several appointments is overwhelming. Or, maybe your pet experiences intense vet-visit anxiety, making visits stressful for you both.

Whatever the reason, at Kanuga Animal Clinic, we believe your pet deserves the same quality care as all of our other patients. That’s why we’re pleased to offer house calls.

Our clients and their furry family members benefit from house calls in a variety of ways. Pet owners enjoy the convenience and time savings of not having to transport their companions to the clinic. Animals receive high quality, one on one veterinary care in a setting where they feel most comfortable. Multi-pet homes also benefit because it eliminates the need to transport several animals, either separately or simultaneously. With a house call, all animals within the home can be seen at one time.

House calls are available for routine wellness care, including physical exams and vaccinations, as well as sick calls and more. Additionally, diagnostic testing, such as blood work or urinalysis, can be performed during the appointment and brought back to our in-house laboratory for further analysis.

At Kanuga Animal Clinic, we believe you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality veterinary care when a trip to the clinic isn’t possible. Let us bring our services to you and help keep all your four-legged friends happy and healthy. Call today to schedule a house call appointment.