Our Careteam

Practice Manager, Veterinary Technician
Kristen quite literally grew up in the veterinary industry—Dr. B.J. Parsons is her mother. She’s been working here at the clinic since she was a mere 14 years old! Kristen has always known that a career in animal medicine was her true calling, and she’s proud to now serve as a Registered Veterinary Technician and as Kanuga Animal Clinic’s Practice Manager.

Born in Charlotte, Kristen was raised right here in Hendersonville and grew up with plenty of dogs, cats, and horses. After a semester at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, she began working as a dog handler before attending Western Carolina University to earn her Bachelor’s degree in business management. After graduation, Kristen began working here at the clinic full-time while taking classes through Cedar Valley College to earn her Veterinary Technician’s degree. In the summer of 2012, she passed her state and national board exams to become a Registered Veterinary Technician!

Medically, Kristen is fond of surgery and reproduction cases, and also likes working with responsible breeders to help bring healthy future generations into the world. She’s also passionate about client education, and loves to teach a pet owner about the best possible care for their four-legged friend.

Outside of work, Kristen enjoys spending time outdoors, fly fishing with her husband, and attending American Kennel Club dog shows. She and her husband share their home with six dogs—Ivy, Loofa, Hunka, Tiki, Timber, Ellie, Chica and Izzie—as well as a cat named Meerkat. Kristen expanded her pack in September 2017 with the addition of her son, River. A frequent visitor at the clinic, River is a "staff-member-in-training."

Like her mother, Kristen actively raises and shows English setters, and even won a first-place award at the 2007 English Setter National Specialty show!
Veterinary Assistant, Receptionist
Mariel first came to Kanuga Animal Clinic as a client; she brought her own dog here when the pooch fell seriously ill. Dr. Parsons and her crew saved the pup's life—Mariel was so impressed that she decided to fill out a job application! Now, she’s thrilled to help serve the pets and animal owners of the area as a member of the clinic team.

Mariel grew up in Mexico, where her father’s horse-training work first sparked her passion for animals. She first joined the Kanuga Animal Clinic team in August of 2008, and is currently taking online courses through Cedar Valley College to further her animal-care knowledge.

Mariel lives with her husband and daughter and two pets: Biscuit the Bulldog and Zimba the Maine coon cat. When she isn’t caring for pets here at the clinic or spending time with her own animal companions at home, Mariel enjoys staying active by running. She’s also currently learning to play the bass guitar.
Veterinary Assistant
Ever since she was a little girl, Tatum had a certain way with animals of all kinds—she didn’t mind if they had fur, feathers, or scales! She’s always known that she would love to keep the earth’s creatures happy and healthy as a veterinary professional. Tatum gets to do just that as a member of the Kanuga Animal Clinic family.

Tatum was born in Montana and comes from a long line of cattle ranchers. After traveling the country with her family for many years, she settled in North Carolina. A short time later, Dr. Parsons asked her to join the Kanuga Animal Clinic team, and Tatum gladly accepted. She’s been serving the pets and animal owners of the area here at the clinic since 2012, and has a particular fascination with laboratory work. Of course, she never tires of getting to spend time around adorable puppies!

Tatum, her husband, and their son share their lives with several pets at home. They have three Catahoula Leopard dogs, a goat herd, a donkey named Whiskey, and multiple ducks and chickens.
Receptionist/Veterinary Assistant
Tiffany owns plenty of pets—she knows what it means to have the love, loyalty, and companionship of an animal friend at home. That’s why she loves to do everything in her power to help others’ pets stay happy and healthy! She’s a receptionist and Veterinary Assistant with the Kanuga Animal Clinic team.

Originally from Georgia, Tiffany first joined the Kanuga Animal Clinic family in May of 2016. Dr. Parsons was out of town at the time and asked Tiffany to help out at the short-handed clinic—she’s been a member of the hospital team ever since! She especially likes the variety of challenges she faces on a daily basis, as it constantly keeps her on her toes. Tiffany’s favorite part of her job, though, is seeing happy pets go home healthier than they were when they arrived at the clinic.

Tiffany’s interests away from work include hiking, camping, and spending quality time at home with her family and pets. Along with her husband, Spencer, and their son, she has four dogs—two Labradors named Hercules and Zeus, and two English Setters who go by Bond and Rocket—and a flock of five chickens.
Veterinary Assistant
Pedro was constantly surrounded by pets while growing up in his Hendersonville, North Carolina home. Those early experiences with animals made a lasting impression on him. He’s always known that he wanted to better the lives of pets in a hands-on way! Pedro feels fortunate to do just that every day as one of Kanuga Animal Clinic’s Veterinary Assistants.

Pedro began interning here at Kanuga Animal Clinic in January of 2018. The more experience he gained, the more he wanted to help. It was only a few months later that Pedro was offered a job! He’s been a member of the clinic family ever since, and especially loves to run laboratory tests and meet with pet owners one-on-one.

At home, Pedro enjoys doting on a few pets of his own. He and his family have a chicken, three ducks, and a dog named OG.