The Advantages of Veterinary House Calls

Is your pet due for vaccines or an exam? If so, you may want to consider setting up a veterinary house call. There are actually many benefits to having your vet visit your pet at home. Read on as a local Flat Rock, NC veterinarian lists some great reasons to consider a veterinary house call.

Multiple Pets

Got more than one furbaby? A veterinary house call may prove much easier than making several trips, or having to deal with multiple carriers.

Big Dogs

If Fido is a large breed, it may not always be easy to get him from one place to another. Have your vet come to you instead!

Pets With Mobility Issues

Senior pets, and pets with bone/joint issues or other medical problems, may have a hard time getting around. Your furry friend may be much more comfortable relaxing at home.

Pet Parents With Busy Schedules

Life in the modern world can get pretty hectic. Many people are juggling careers, hobbies, children, and day-to-day tasks. A veterinary house call can save you quite a bit of time, as you won’t sit at red lights, or have to wait in a lobby. They can also be great for people with small children, and/or those who work from home.

People With Transportation Issues

Many people can’t drive, for various reasons. This is another situation when house calls can be a great option.


Making sure your pet sees the vet regularly is very important. Fluffy and Fido, however, may have a very different opinion on the matter. (We understand, and don’t take it personally.) At the end of the day, many of our furry clients are simply more at ease in their own homes.

Other Benefits

House calls can also be great because they allow your vet to observe your furry buddy at home. This can prompt some wonderful discussions about your pet’s care.


Veterinary house calls aren’t going to be the right option for everyone. Some situations, such as surgical procedures, will still require an office trip. That said, it never hurts to check! Ask your vet if a veterinary house call is a good option for you and your four-legged friend.

Do you have questions about your pet’s health or care? Call us! As your Flat Rock, NC animal clinic, we are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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