DIY Projects for Cat Owners

Does your cat have some furniture of her own? If not, you may want to rectify this: kitties really benefit from having some things they don’t have to share. If you’re a crafty type, or want to save some money, read on! Below, a Flat Rock, NC vet lists some great DIY projects for cat owners.

Kitty Beds

If there’s one thing we know about Fluffy, it’s that she loves naps. Make your sleepy pet a bed by upcycling an old sweater. You can also turn an old console TV, a hard-shell suitcase or hatbox, or an end table with doors into a cute pet bed. Add paint and/or contact paper to make your furball’s bed more attractive, and put a pillow, blanket, or store-bought bed inside to make it comfy.

Cat Tower

One great way to make a kitty tower is to repurpose an old wooden stepladder. Add planks to the steps to widen them out, and then cover the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. You can also use a metal storage rack or a bookshelf. If you’re ready for a more advanced project, start with a big tree branch!

Scratching Boards

Get a square board, and make sure it doesn’t have any sharp edges or splinters. Glue a carpet scrap onto it, so that it covers most of the wood. Hang it on your wall, just high enough so that Fluffy has to stand up to use it.

Play Box

Cut a box down so that each corner serves as a leg, then turn it over, so it looks like a little table. Cut round holes in the top, and dangle a feather through them. Results may vary: some cats love these, others may just lick their paws and stare at you with clear disapproval. But, even if Fluffy turns her cute little nose up, you won’t have wasted much time or money.

Pet Tent

Make Fluffy a cute pet tent from an old tee shirt and a wire hangar. Kitties often feel safe in enclosed spaces, so this one tends to be very popular with our feline friends!

Box Castle

Why not make a box castle for your furry overlord? You can keep it simple, or go all out and add multiple levels, towers, and different rooms.

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