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6 Reasons to Foster a Pet

June 1 2020

June is Foster A Pet Month! While it’s always a good time to foster a pet, this year there are even more pets in need of fostering than usual, because of the coronavirus pandemic. Fostering is a wonderful thing to do, and something you may find very rewarding. In this article, a Flat Rock, NC vet lists some reasons to consider fostering.

Short Term Commitment

It’s understandable to be uneasy about signing on for several years’ worth of pet parenting. That’s a huge commitment! One of the best things about fostering a pet is that it’s a shorter commitment than adoption. Fostering time usually averages about two months, though of course that can vary.

Help Your Community

In troubled times, many people rally around their local communities. Many of you may know someone who can’t care for their pet right now. Some may be recuperating from the virus. Others may have been hit financially, and could still be struggling. Whatever the reason, helping people care for their pets is a wonderful way to help others in need.

Benefits For Kids

Do you have children? Fostering may also be beneficial for them. Animals are a great source of comfort for kids. They also make great playmates and cuddle buddies. Plus, your youngster may benefit from learning more about our furry companions, and what good friends they are.

Make The Most Of Your Time

Are you working from home, caring for others, looking to change jobs, or just looking for something to do? Fostering is a great way to occupy yourself. If you have kids, you may also be able to have them help with things like feeding and socialization, which will help keep them busy.


Pets have a special way of comforting us in troubled times. Getting extra purrs and tail wags from an animal you’re helping may very well be a sort of chicken soup for the soul.

Positive Actions

One great thing about fostering is that you get to watch your new animal companion blossom and grow with good care. Doing something for the greater good is very rewarding! With everything that’s happened this year, it’s important to remember to focus on the positive things when we can.

Please feel free to contact us, your local Flat Rock, NC vet clinic, if ever we can be of assistance. We’re here to help!