Bonding With a Rabbit

Have you recently decided to adopt a bunny? Rabbits are super cute and fun pets. However, they are very timid, and can be easily frightened. How do you make friends with these adorable balls of fur? A Flat Rock, NC veterinarian offers some tips on this below. 

Be Patient

Don’t expect your bunny to warm up to you right away. It takes time for rabbits to learn trust. It could be several months before Floppy really feels safe. 

Make Conversation

One way to help Floppy get used to you is to talk to her, using friendly, gentle tones. Pay attention to those cute ears, and watch for reactions.


No surprises here: food is a great way to win any animal’s trust. Offer your bunny some special treats. It’s worth noting that Floppy has a sweet tooth. Strawberries, apple slices, and dried bananas are all great ways to win your furry friend over. Just stick to safe foods, and don’t go overboard with sugary snacks.

Get Down

When making friends with Floppy, it may help to lay or kneel down. You can also put your bunny on a sofa with you. Otherwise, your pet will mostly see your feet and legs, which won’t be very reassuring. 

Understanding Floppy

It’s important to realize that bunnies are shy for a reason. They’re prey animals in the wild, so they are cautious and hesitant by nature. Avoid making loud noises or sudden movements.

Invite Floppy To Be Friends

Don’t chase or corner your bunny, and try not to pick her up too much. It’s much better to let Floppy come to you. The good news is that most rabbits are naturally inquisitive. Chances are, if you sit quietly, your cute pet will come over to investigate you.

Proper Bunny Holding Techniques

One thing that is bound to frighten your furry buddy is being held against her will. Many rabbits don’t like being held at all. Floppy will likely be much more comfortable sitting beside you and collecting pets and compliments. 


Bunnies are very playful. They also need to chew a lot. Offer your fuzzy little friend plenty of fun toys. Cardboard tubes, crumpled up paper balls, plastic baby keys, and wooden blocks are a few things Floppy may enjoy. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Please contact us, your Flat Rock, NC vet clinic, anytime. We’re here to help! 

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