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To-Do List for Adopting a Puppy

March 1 2021

Are you planning to bring a furry new family member into your household soon? Adopting a dog is definitely one of life’s big moments, as far as we are concerned. However, you’ll have to check a few things off your to-do list before bringing little Fido home. A local Flat Rock, NC vet lists a few of the things you’ll need to do below.

P  uppyproof

Puppies are just as curious as they are adorable. Your canine buddy will want to investigate everything in his new world. Unfortunately, he may try to learn about things by eating them, which can be dangerous. You’ll need to be extra careful about what your furry pal has access to, especially during this adorable toddler phase. Some of the things you’ll want to address include toxic plants, plastic bags and ties, wires and cords, chemicals, medicines, and small or sharp objects. Keep your laundry, especially small pieces, like socks and undies, off the floor, and use a garbage can with a secure lid. Finally, be sure to store personal items, like shoes, phones, and purses, in closets or in another spot little Fido can’t access.

Yard Check

Our canine friends love having yards to run and play in. However, you’ll need to do a thorough safety check. Plants are one concern. You can find a full list of safe and unsafe ones at the ASPCA site here . Make sure that your fencing is solid, and that your gate closes securely. If you have a pool, we strongly recommend fencing that off as well. (You’ll also need to teach your furry friend how to get out, but swim safety is another topic.) Finally, clear up things like debris. For extra tail wags, add some doggy features, like a doghouse or outdoor toys.


A trip to the pet store is also in order. You’ll need bedding, food, treats, toys, a crate, dishes, a leash and collar, a tie line, and grooming supplies. Ask your vet for recommendations.

Contact Your Vet

One of the first things you’ll want to do once you’ve brought little Fido home is to schedule an appointment with your vet. We love meeting new puppy patients, and helping them grow from bouncing balls of fur to adult dogs!

Please call us, your Flat Rock, NC veterinary clinic, with any questions about puppy care. We’re here to help!