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Understanding Cattitude

April 15 2021

Do you have a grouchy little curmudgeon on your hands? Does your feline friend change her moods so quickly you can’t keep up? If so, you’re not alone. Fluffy can be very loving and cuddly at times. She can also be a bit of a grump! A local Flat Rock, NC vet discusses cattitude in this article.

Pet Peeves

There are some things that definitely rub Fluffy the wrong way. First and foremost? Being rubbed the wrong way. Kitties can be pretty finicky about how you pet or hold them. Some cats will only tolerate being cuddled for a few minutes. Others prefer to be admired from a distance. The main rule of thumb here is to never force attention on Fluffy. If she decides that she isn’t in the mood to get petted, just let her go.


Some kitties won’t bite or scratch, but will definitely give you an earful if they are unhappy with the level of care you are providing. For instance, your feline overlord may be extremely displeased if you are late with her breakfast, or if you move her from that basket of laundry she was sleeping in. That’s just purr for the course!


Rough play is one thing, but true aggression is a different story altogether. Cats sometimes do attack for real. This is usually when they feel threatened or cornered. Fluffy can also lash out if she is jealous of another pet, feeling territorial, caring for kittens, or sick. Don’t punish your pet if this happens. This may just make her think she really needs to defend herself, which could make matters worse. Give her time to cool off, and ask your vet for advice. It’s also important to give your feisty little furball lots of toys to take her anger out on.


Has your usually-cuddly kitty suddenly turned into a furry little curmudgeon? Sudden changes in character would definitely warrant a call to the vet. This is often a red flag that there is something going on with Fluffy. Have your feline pal examined ASAP. If there is a medical issue, catching it early can be very beneficial. If not, you at least know that your pint-sized grouch is healthy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if ever we can be of assistance. As your local Flat Rock, NC veterinary clinic, we are here to help!