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Catching A Runaway Hamster

April 1 2022

World Hamster Day is April 12th! One thing you many people don’t know about hamsters is that they’re pretty quick! Hammie is also a bit of an escape artist. What do you do if your pint-sized pet makes a jailbreak? A Hendersonville, NC vet offers some suggestions on finding your tiny escapee below.

Secure The Perimeter

Start by looking … everywhere. If that initial search doesn’t pan out, close all of your doors, until you figure out what room he’s hiding out in. Seal off any holes in the walls or floors, and block off areas behind and beneath furniture.

Contain Other Pets 

If your cat suddenly seems very interested in a spot behind a bookcase, well, you may have found your runaway. Aside from that, keep other pets in rooms you’ve already checked. Things may not go well for Hammie if Fido or Fluffy catch him before you do!


Hamsters absolutely love exercise wheels. Put Hammie’s wheel out. You may also want to try leaving his cage on the floor. 

Sound Trap

If Hammie stays on the lam for a few days, you may want to try other tactics. Put some treats in tinfoil, and listen for the sound of the tinfoil crinkling. You can also put a string and a bell on a yummy treat, such as a carrot stick, and listen for that. Sprinkling flour on the floor may also reveal tracks, which could lead you to his hiding spot.

Tube Trap

Get one of those cardboard tubes for posters or wrapping paper. Close up one end, and then put some yummy treats in the tube. Then, you’ll just want to wait until your furry escapee goes into the tube, and you’ve got him!

Bucket List

No luck? Get a bucket, and something your pet can use as a bridge to get into the bucket. Put some towels in the bucket, along with some food. Pick aromatic things that your miniature runaway will smell. Add some cucumber as well, for water content. Then, put a paper towel over the bucket, with a few choice snacks in the middle. Leave a trail of food out, leading up the ‘bridge’. The idea is to lure Hammie onto the paper towel, so that he falls (safely) into the bucket.

 As your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic, we’re here to help. Feel free to call us anytime!