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Kitty Theatrics

May 14 2022

Is your feline friend a bit of a drama queen? Does Fluffy melt down when she spots the bottom of her food bowl, or if someone moves her bed? Cats are quite small, but they definitely see themselves as superior beings. They also have a way of bossing their owners around, despite the fact that they are only a fraction of our size. A Hendersonville, NC vet discusses some of Fluffy’s kitty theatrics below.


Did you know that Fluffy may have started meowing just to manipulate us? As it turns out, it’s no coincidence that some of our furry pals sound like human babies when they cry. This has always been a very effective way to yank on our heart strings, and get us to offer food, shelter, and lap space. It can be hard to resist those kitty meowpulation tactics!


Our feline pals can be a bit complicated. Unlike most animals, cats don’t only bite for hunting or defense: they sometimes do it affectionately or even for fun. To make things even more confusing, Fluffy can move from playful to angry—or vice versa—in the blink of an eye. Make sure your kitty has plenty of toys to take her aggression out on!


While biting and scratching can be done in play or affection, hissing is a different story. If Fluffy is hissing at you, then she is legitimately angry, and may be about to attack. Your best bet is to walk away and leave your grumpy pet alone for a while, so she can cool off.


Poofing may very well be the ultimate act of feline theatrics. If Fluffy is feeling very frightened or angry, she may poof her fur out. This will make her look bigger, which can help intimidate potential foes. (It does lose impact when performed for a moth, fuzzy slipper, or remote-controlled toy, however.)

Calming Fluffy Down

If your feisty furball is always set to level 11 when it comes to dramatics, you may want to take a few steps to calm her down. Make sure that you are providing plenty of toys and playtime, so she can take her angst out on something other than you. Don’t force attention on Fluffy, and don’t punish her for being cranky. Ask your vet for more information. 

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