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Tips For Having Canine Guests

November 15 2022
Brace yourselves: the holidays are coming. Are you having guests over? If your human guests have dogs, they may want to bring their furry friends along. Your own pooch may love having company. However, you’ll want to take some precautions to help things go smoothly. A Flat Rock, NC vet discusses having four-legged visitors below.


Make sure that your furry visitor is up to date on all recommended vaccines and parasite control products. It’s best if both pups have been fixed. Fido’s guests should also be wearing ID tags.


Your own canine companion may have no interest in eating houseplants or getting into the trash, but there are no guarantees that his four-legged buddy will be that restrained. Petproof as you would for a puppy, and remove or secure anything that could be dangerous. This includes small or sharp objects, wires and cords, anything that could be toxic, plastic bags and ties, and unsafe plants. Ask your vet for specific advice.


If Fido and Spot have never met, take introductions slowly. (Tip: a long walk on neutral ground is a great first doggy date.) Pay close attention to both pups’ body language. Good signs include ‘happy’ tail wags, playful bows, and cheerful zoomies. Some red flags would include a tucked tail, licking the lips, growling, snarling, and raised hackles. If you see any of those warning signs, separate them and proceed with caution.

Offer Cats

Do you also have a feline buddy? Make sure that any canine visitors are cat-friendly. Keep in mind that your furball may be frightened even if the visiting pooch is great with kitties. Set up some hiding spots for Fluffy, such as cat towers or places under the bed, so she always has a place to retreat to. However, if the visiting dog is a new adoption and/or is untested with kitties, keep your cat in a separate area. She may not be thrilled about being confined to a bedroom, but it’s better than risking an incident.


Our canine companions really do enjoy and benefit from being able to play and interact with other pooches. However, they sometimes can get territorial over things like food and toys. Make sure there is plenty of everything to go around! Do you have questions about your dog’s health or care? Contact us, your Flat Rock, NC animal clinic!