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Taking Fido To Work

June 15 2023

June 23rd is Take Your Dog To Work Day! This year marks the 25th TYTWDay. The event was started as a way to celebrate Fido and his devotion. Pawesome idea! But should you bring your furry pal in to work with you? A Flat Rock, NC vet goes over some pros and cons below.


Up until fairly recently, you would usually only find Fido working on farms or ranches, or at small, privately-owned shops and offices. However, Man’s Best Friend has been working on his resume … which, as it turns out, is pretty impressive. According to a 2012 study, people who had dogs at work showed lower hormonal stress levels than those at human-only workplaces. Pets also boost morale, reduce turnover, sparks positive interactions, and help with bonding. Having a four-legged employee on staff can even increase performance! Bringing Fido to the office not only improves atmosphere, it also allows his humans to stay later, as they don’t have to rush home to walk him. 


On the other paw, Fido isn’t going to be the right fit for every office. Some pups are just too noisy, active, or fearful for the workplace. Our furry pals are really not a good match for any place that requires sterile conditions, such as a lab or bakery, or for spots that could be dangerous, such as factories. Fido’s presence could cause friction with co-workers that are allergic to dogs and/or frightened of them. Companies may also be opening themselves up  to the risk of litigation, should their canine ‘workers’ ever bite anyone.

Fido’s First Day

That all said, Take Your Dog To Work Day can be a fun change of pace and a great boost for morale. There are some things to keep in mind, however. Check with your boss and co-workers first, and make sure no one has allergies or phobias. Don’t bring your pooch in unless he’s calm, friendly, and very well-behaved. Fido should also be current on all vaccines and parasite control. All good so far? Give your furry pal a bath before his first day, or take him to the groomer. You’ll also want to walk and play with your pup before his shift starts, as he’ll be calmer after that workout.

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