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Giving Your Dog Plushie Toys

October 15 2023

October 28th is Plush Animal Lovers Day. Most of our canine companions definitely fall into that category. Fido always perks up when he spots a new plushie. This is a great chance to get your pup’s cute tail going by bringing home a new plushie … or stuffie, as they may be called in your household. A Hendersonville, NC vet offers some advice on giving your pooch a stuffed animal in this article.

Safety Hazards

There are a few things to be aware of, as far as safety. Some dogs get a bit too worked up over stuffed animals, and will rip them to shreds. (Fido also sometimes gets the squeaker out with near surgical precision, but that’s another topic.) Choking is the main concern here: that filling is definitely not supposed to be eaten. If your pooch swallows it, he could end up with an intestinal blockage. Supervise your canine pal carefully when he’s playing with a stuffed animal.

Kids’ Toys

Always opt for durable toys. You’ll want to stick with things that were made just for Man’s Best Friend: children’s toys aren’t as hardy. They’re also more likely to have small parts, such as buttons or fake eyes, which are choking hazards. If you do give Fido a kids’ stuffy—or if he snags one when no one is looking—remove any small or sharp pieces before letting him play. Also, don’t give your furry pal anything that contains batteries, or anything with ribbons, cords, or strings.


Fido uses his mouth to play, so his playthings can get grimy pretty fast. Most stuffed animals are machine washable, though you’ll want to check the label to be sure. Before you clean those toys, though, make sure they’re worth it. Small rips can be fixed, but large tears probably mean it’s time for that cute bunny toy to retire. Wait until your furry friend is occupied or perhaps out in the yard, and then discretely toss it and replace it.

Comfort Toys

While nearly all dogs like plushies, they don’t all like them for the same reason. For some pooches, that small animal reminds them of the critters they would hunt in the wild. This can trigger Fido’s hunting instincts … and their prey drive. Other pups just prefer to have a plushie to snuggle up with. Pay attention to your canine buddy’s play habits!

Do you have questions about your dog’s toys? Contact us, your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic, anytime.