Fun Ways to Entertain Your Dog

Man’s Best Friend has many great qualities. Fido is devoted, loving, loyal, smart, friendly, and, of course, absolutely adorable. Our canine buddies are also very playful! In fact, keeping Fido entertained is very important to his health and well-being. Dogs can—and do—get bored, and they often tend to get into mischief when they have nothing to do. A Flat Rock, NC vet lists some great ways to entertain your pooch in this article.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys can keep Fido entertained for hours. Try stuffing peanut butter or cheese into a food toy. For an easy DIY option, put a muffin tip on the floor, upside down, and drop pieces of kibble into the grooves.

Daily Walks

Even if Fido has a yard, he’ll still benefit from the exercise and stimulation of a daily walk. It will be good for you, too!

Automated Ball Launcher

Does your canine friend love to play fetch? Let Fido entertain himself with an automated ball launcher. (Note: most automated toys use tennis balls, which can present serious choking hazards for large breeds. Therefore, we don’t recommend these for big dogs.)

Window View

Dogs love to watch what’s going on outside. Give Fido a good window seat, so he can watch people and squirrels passing by.

Doggy Fun Zone

Make Fido’s outdoor time super fun by building him a puppy play zone. Add tunnels, ramps, and jumps for your furry friend to play on. You can also give your pup a sandbox to bury things in, or set out a kiddie pool for him to splash around in on hot days. Just make sure your pooch always has shelter, shade, and water, and don’t leave him outdoors too long.


Make sure Fido has plenty of fun doggy toys. If your furry pal tends to destroy his playthings faster than you can replace them, consider going the DIY route. You can make a rope toy by cutting up an old tee shirt or a pair of jeans, and then braiding the strips together. Or, make your dog a fun spinout game: string plastic soda bottles along a piece of twine that is tied to something secure. Then, fill the bottles with treats. Look online for specific instructions.

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