Adopt a Shelter Cat

Did you know that June is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month? What a great cause! If you’re planning to adopt a shelter kitty soon, you have our support! Below, a Hendersonville, NC vet discusses adopting a shelter cat.

Benefits of Adopting From A Shelter

There are many reasons to support adopting from shelters. When you adopt a shelter kitty, you’re not only saving a life, you’re also helping other homeless pets, and promoting animal welfare. For one thing, the spot Fluffy leaves open will soon be occupied by another kitty. Also, the fees you pay for your pet’s adoption will be used to help the shelter care for their furry charges. Plus, you get to choose your pet from a variety of adorable furballs.

Choosing Your Pet

Shelter environments can be very hard on a kitty. Your feline friend will need time to decompress, and to adjust to her new home. We recommend starting Fluffy out in a quiet room with food, bedding, toys, and a litterbox. This will give her a safe, comfy place to acclimate to her surroundings. How long you leave your furball in ‘quarantine’ depends on a few things, but the most important factors are whether or not you have other pets, and whether your vet has given the all-clear.

Letting Love Grow

Cats all have their own unique personalities. A bold, friendly furball may immediately make herself at home, and might hop into your lap right away. Other kitties are more timid, and will need time to get used to you. Don’t force attention on Fluffy: talk to her, play with her, and offer food and treats, but let her come to you when she wants cuddles.

Veterinary Care

While many shelter offer basic veterinary care, such as spay/neuter surgery and vaccines, you’ll still want to contact your vet to schedule any other appointments Fluffy may need, such as follow-up care or microchipping. This is a great chance to get some professional advice on your kitty’s diet and care needs!


First impressions are a very big deal to cats. If you have other pets or young children, make introductions slowly and carefully, over the course of several days. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Does your cat need vaccines or an exam? Call us, your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic! We are here to serve all your pet’s veterinary care needs.

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