Tips for Grooming Your Cat

Housecats have it pretty easy, don’t they? After all, Fluffy’s schedule contains nothing but naps, playtime, meals, and her personal beauty routine. Actually, our feline friends spend a pretty good chunk of time grooming themselves, and keeping their fur soft and shiny. That doesn’t mean your furry little diva can’t use a bit of help, however. Read on as a Flat Rock, NC vet offers some tips for grooming your cat.


While it isn’t necessary to bathe your cat, many people choose to. Check with your vet first, to make sure there are no medical concerns. To get the bathtub or sink ready, start by putting a rubber mat down. Filling the sink or tub with a few inches of warm—not hot—water. Be sure to use only products made for pets: human shampoos are too strong for cats. You’ll also want to take care not to get soap in Fluffy’s eyes, nose, mouth, or ears. Just use a washcloth to clean that adorable face.


Even though Fluffy is very good about keeping her coat clean, she’ll still benefit from regular brushing. Don’t try to fight your cat, or force her to submit. Instead, pick a time when your kitty seems relaxed. (Given that cats spend the vast majority of their time sleeping, this shouldn’t be difficult.) Start by petting Fluffy softly, and then gently incorporate the brush. Talk to your pet in a soothing tone, and tell her she’s a pretty kitty. Cats love being complimented! Let your feline friend determine when it’s time to end the grooming session.

Fluffy Cats

Kitties with long fur may need a bit more help than short-haired cats. Brushing your furry friend daily will help get the dead fur out of her coat. This will also reduce hairballs, as you’ll be trapping that dead hair with a brush before your cat can swallow it. Fluffy may get tangles under her arms and around her bottom, so pay extra attention to these areas.

Sweetening The Deal

It’s always best to work with your pet, rather than against her. Basically, that means bribing your cat. Offer Fluffy kitty toys and treats before and after her grooming session. This will help her form a good association with being pampered.

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