Fido’s Begging Habit

Does your dog have a habit of begging at the dinner table? If so, he certainly isn’t alone. Actually, Fido pretty much has us wrapped around his paws when it comes to sharing our food! Below, a Hendersonville, NC vet discusses begging.

Begging – Bad Petiquette

The problems with begging go far beyond bad doggy manners. Begging can develop into aggressive behavior. Needless to say, this can be very dangerous! Plus, even if you don’t mind your canine pal’s wistful stare, you don’t want your pet making guests uncomfortable. Also, indulging Fido when he begs may increase the odds of him eating something that is dangerous for him.


Begging definitely plays a role in canine obesity rates. Your furry buddy may look cute if he’s a little chubby, but dogs that are overweight face some very serious health problems. If you absolutely can’t resist that furry face, pull the ol’ switcheroo on Fido: offer him a string bean or a carrot instead of that juicy piece of meat he’s hoping to score.

Begging History

Fido has certainly perfected the sad, wistful stare that is most likely to tug at our heartstrings. This should be no surprise: after all, Man’s Best Friend has had plenty of time to perfect his performance! Dogs have been our friends and companions for about 10,000 years. We’re guessing they’ve been begging for about 9,999 years and eleven months.

Proper Nutrition

Ask your vet for specific nutritional advice, and let those recommendations—not Fido’s acting abilities—determine what and how much your furry pal eats. You won’t feel guilty saying no if you know that your pup is getting proper nourishment.


What if you can’t finish your burger, or made too much bacon? If you want to share extra food, that’s ultimately your choice. Just put the food in Fido’s plate . . . after everyone has finished eating.

Correcting Bad Behavior

Never punish your canine pal for begging. Dogs don’t think like we do, and they don’t really understand the concept of punishment. Also, if Fido has been successful before, you may only confuse him. Teach your pooch the command to Lay Down, and have him go to his doggy bed while you’re eating. You can also give him a puzzle toy to keep him occupied.

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