COVID-19 Update: Curbside Service

Dear Valued Client:

We understand the concerns and questions that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought to the area and felt it was important to connect with you, our loyal clients, to share information that can help put your mind at ease, and assure you we are staying on top of the emerging information as it becomes available.

While we are still learning much in regards to the virus, we are confident that human to pet or pet to human transmission of COVID-19 is not likely. Meaning, should there be exposure to COVID-19, it is not possible for you to catch coronavirus from your pet or for your pet to transmit the virus to you. As a matter of good health, we do urge you to follow the recommended sanitation and hygiene any time you interact with a pet.

We urge you to keep up to date on the facts from validated resources, such as the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), in regards to your pets and the virus; And of course continuing to monitor information from the CDC, WHO and other public health agencies.

Other important points we’d like to share regarding visiting our office:

  • Our office hours will remain the same: M-F 8:00 am-5:30 pm.
  • At this time we ask that you call to schedule an appointment and refrain from walk-in appointments, as we are trying to limit persons waiting in the lobby.
  • In an attempt to limit client interaction in our lobby we will be employing curbside concierge service. This means we are asking that you call from the car when you arrive to check-in for your appointment. You may wait in the car during the appointment or we will come out to lead you directly into an exam room.
  • The disinfectants we use year-round are effective against Coronavirus. As a healthcare practice, we have routine processes in place to stop disease transmission in pets. We have increased the frequency of disinfecting client touchpoints (i.e. bathrooms, doorknobs, etc.) For our clients, we offer alcohol-based hand sanitizer in our lobby and have a sink in which you may wash your hands with soap and water on request.
  • At this time we will not be allowing clients into our treatment area.
  • Our dedicated staff has been advised to remain at home if they are running a fever or if a family member is suspected of having COVID-19.
  • We also ask our clients to consider rescheduling or having a friend/family member bring their pet in if they are feeling ill.

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