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Helping Fido Beat the Heat

July 1 2021

This summer is shaping up to be a scorcher, with record heat waves searing large chunks of the country. Staying cool is a top priority for a lot of folks this month! If you have a dog, you’ll also need to help your canine pal stay cool. A local Flat Rock, NC vet offers some advice on how to do that below.


Making sure your pup stays properly hydrated is extremely important! Set out extra water stations, especially if you have more than one pet, a large hose, or more than one floor. If you have a large dog that tends to drain his bowl quickly, consider getting him an automated one. You can also drop a few ice cubes into Fido’s bowl on hot days.


Some of our canine companions will be cooler and more comfortable in summer with a short haircut. This isn’t an across-the-board recommendation, though: pups with double coats, like Golden Retrievers and Akitas, should never be clipped, as this can damage their coats. Ask your vet for specific advice.

Cooling Vest

Some dogs struggle more with the hot weather than others. If Fido has a hard time in the heat, consider getting him a cooling vest. There are different types you can use. Some you soak with water: others contain a freezable gel. For a DIY option, soak a bandana with water and tie it around your furry friend’s neck.

Splashing Fun

Does your canine pal like swimming? If so, go ahead and indulge him. Just pay close attention to Fido when he’s in the water. Never leave him unattended. Also, only take him to pet-friendly pools and beaches. Or, for something simpler, get your pooch a kiddie pool to look adorable in.

Cold Treats

Who doesn’t want an ice cream on a scorching afternoon? Treat Fido to his own version by getting him some doggy ice cream. Many pet stores and supermarkets carry these products. You can also make your own! Look online for recipes that use pet-safe ingredients.

Climate Control

This may be stating the obvious, but the best way to protect Fido from the summer heat is actually to keep him indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. Limit his outdoor time on sweltering days.

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