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Craft for Your Local Shelters Day

July 15 2021

There’s a pretty fun new holiday coming up, one that many of you may be interested in. Craft For Your Local Shelters Day is coming upon the 21st! Shelters really do struggle to find the resources to care for all of their furry wards. One way to help out is making things for shelter pets. A local Flat Rock, NC vet lists a few possible options below.

 Cat Tower

Cat towers are great for our feline pals! Upcycle an old step ladder by adding smooth planks to the steps to widen them out. Wrap the whole thing in carpet or sisal rope. Done! You can also do this with PVC pipe or even lumber, though you’d want to look up plans or examples.

Kitty Toys

One thing that is bound to be a hit with our feline pals? Catnip mice! Of course, Fluffy doesn’t really care if her mice are actually shaped like mice or not. A square, circle, or any other shape will do just fine. Cut two pieces of material to the same shape. Then, lay them on top of each other, with the outsides facing each other. Sew around the edges, leaving a small hole. Turn it inside-out (which is actually inside-in) and use a small funnel to fill it with catnip. Then, sew that final opening shut. Done!

Pet Tents

Being in a shelter can be quite frightening for pets. Kitties in particular tend to feel safest in small spaces. You can make kitty tents out of a tee-shirt and wire hanger. Another option would be to make a tipi, which is a bit more involved but still lots of fun. You’ll find step-by-step instructions online.

Dog Pulls

Rope toys are quite popular with our canine companions. Cut a tee shirt into thin strips, and then braid those strips together. Then, braid those braids together. When it’s the size you want, tie it off into a knot. There are also many options for these that incorporate things like tennis balls or extra loops.


If you like to sew, you can try your hand at making doggy jackets for pups with thin fur. There are quite a few patterns online, including several that are options for repurposing small sweaters.

Do you have questions about pet care? Contact us, your Flat Rock, NC animal clinic, anytime. We’re here to help!