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Fluffy’s Plans For International Cat Day

August 11 2021

International Cat Day is August 8th! This certainly is an auspicious occasion for our feline friends! While Fluffy may prefer to celebrate Cat World Domination Day or Spoil Your Cat Day, she’ll still honor this special occasion in her own adorable way. A Flat Rock, NC vet offers some insights on your furry little buddy’s plans below.


No matter what day it is, Fluffy will diligently stick to her demanding napping routine. Your kitty’s daily schedule of 13 naps, 4 dozes, three snoozes, and five deep sleeps will remain unchanged. However, if you want to please your feline overlord, get her a new bed to curl up in.


Cats take their mental and spiritual health very seriously. Fluffy will spend a good chunk of her day just meditating. As to what she focuses on? It could be anything from squirrels to carpet textures to reconnecting with her inner kitten.

Good Dinner

How do we know your furball plans to enjoy her dinner? If she doesn’t like what you put in her bowl, she’ll let you know by meowing for something different. Given that it is an important kitty holiday, a special treat may be in order. Offer Fluffy some plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry, without the skin, bones, or fat, or perhaps some canned tuna in water.


One thing that most of our feline patients have in common? They just can’t resist exploring empty boxes. Bring one home for Fluffy to look adorable in. If you have kids, have them build her a box castle! 

Beauty Session

Kitties are very dedicated to their beauty regimens. Fluffy will spend a good part of the day cleaning her fur, and keeping it soft and shiny. If you want to help her out, brush her gently.


Cats certainly are tired: they can spend up to 20 hours a day sleeping! However, your kitty will carve time out of the few hours she is actually awake for her daily workout. Take some time to play with your feline buddy! (A new toy would not be inappropriate.)


Fluffy may pretend to be cold and aloof, but at the end of the day, she really is quite lovable and emotional. Your furball may want some extra lap time!

As your Flat Rock, NC animal clinic, we are here to help! Please contact us anytime!