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Benefits Of Adopting A Shelter Dog

October 15 2021

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month! Quite a few of our patients are former shelter dogs that are now happy, beloved pets living their best lives. If you’ve been considering bringing another pup into your home, why not go to a shelter? As it turns out, there are some great benefits to getting your canine buddy this way. A Hendersonville, NC vet lists some of them below.

Find The Perfect Pup

It’s always interesting seeing how different people fall for different pups. Whether you’re looking for a family pet, a trail buddy, or a quiet pooch to snuggle up with as you’re watching TV, chances are shelters have exactly what you want. Are you looking for a dog of a certain color, age, or breed? The odds of you finding Fido in a shelter are still pretty good, especially if you take your time and/or expand your search area.

Save A Life

We think all pets deserve second chances and loving homes. Sadly, many will never get their happily-ever-after ending. Some dogs only have a very short time to find a forever home. Saving an animal’s life is a very emotional and rewarding experience, and one that may very well affect you profoundly.

Save Money

Shelters are also very wallet-friendly. Generally, dogs that are up for adoption are fixed and current on their vaccines and parasite prevention. Plus, their adoption fees are usually much cheaper than what breeders charge. You may even get discounts on older pets, bonded pairs, or specially-abled pups.

Help Other Animals

When you adopt a shelter dog, your new canine pal isn’t the only one who will benefit. The shelter will soon use the space and resources they were using to care for Fido to help another homeless pup. With so many animals out there in desperate need of good homes, every little bit matters.

Love And Tail Wags

It’s no surprise that many people report that the dogs they adopted from shelters are extremely loyal and loving. Dogs are very intuitive, and they know when someone has helped them. It may not take long at all before your furry friend decides that you’re the best thing since, well, sliced bacon. It’s wonderful seeing sad, homeless pooches blossom with love and good care!

As your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic, we are always here to help! Call us anytime!