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Tips For Adopting A Senior Dog

November 1 2021

November is Adopt A Senior Pet Month! We’re more than happy to help spread the word about how great older dogs are. They’re not only super cute and sweet, they’re also very calm and friendly, and make absolutely ‘pawesome’ animal companions. A Hendersonville, NC vet offers some advice on adopting Fido below.

Give Fido Time

Going to a new home is a huge change, and one that can be a little overwhelming for Fido. Sadly, many senior dogs are very lonely and distraught, and may not understand why their owner isn’t taking care of them anymore. Give your canine buddy plenty of time to adjust to his new home. You can help make the transition a little easier by keeping your pooch to a steady routine from day one.

Offer Doggy Luxuries

Dogs are a great reminder that sometimes it’s the little things that matter the most. Doggy comforts like good beds, elevated dishes, and soft toys can all help your furry friend feel more comfortable.

Contact The Vet

One of the first things you’ll want to do is take Fido to his new doctor. Although he’s probably already been fixed, he’ll still need a full exam. You’ll also need to make sure your canine pal is current on his vaccines and parasite control. If he hasn’t been microchipped, you’ll want to get that done as well.

Enjoy The Experience

Adopting a senior dog is a wonderful act of kindness, and one you may find very rewarding and fulfilling. Doing something kind for an animal is often a great mood booster, as it’s just something to feel good about. This can be wonderful for anyone who is having a hard time. You may find that Fido enriches your life in more ways than you would expect!

Enjoy The Time

This goes without saying, but you won’t have as much time with Fido as you would with a puppy. This can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, that shorter commitment can be great for those who aren’t sure where they will be in a few years. However, it also means that you’ll have to say goodbye to your furry buddy before you’re ready. That just makes those adorable tail wags and cute expressions even more precious!

As your Hendersonville, NC animal hospital, we’re here for you. Please contact us anytime!