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Independence Day Pet Safety

July 1 2022

July 4th is just a few days off! For many of us, the summer holiday entails grilling, spending time with friends and family, and just relaxing outdoors. Your furry friend would be delighted to join you in celebrating America’s birthday! However, this can be a dangerous holiday, so you’ll need to take a few precautions to keep your furry buddy safe. A Hendersonville, NC vet lists some pet safety tips for the Fourth in this article.

Keep Up Preventative Care

This is important all year round, but it definitely bears repeating with the summer holiday coming up. Make sure that your four-legged friends are current on their vaccines and parasite control. They should also be fixed, microchipped, and wearing ID tags.

Offer Safe Foods

Our furry companions aren’t shy about asking us to share our food. Go ahead and give Fido and Fluffy small plates. Just stick with safe options, such as plain, cooked, boneless meat, fish, or poultry. It’s also important to be aware of the things that are unsafe for your little buddy. These include grapes and raisins; meat on the bone; raw dough; mushrooms; nuts; alcohol; chocolate; and anything that contains xylitol.

Be Cautious With Chemicals

It’s very easy for pets to ingest chemicals: all they need to do is walk through a puddle or get a little spilled on their fur, as they’ll likely ingest it trying to lick themselves clean. Be vigilant!

Take Pool Precautions

Spending the day poolside? Keep a close eye on your animal companion. If Fido swims, immediately show him where the stairs are, so he can get out if he falls in. If your pooch can’t swim, get him a doggy lifejacket.

Bring Pets In Early

Fireworks are very scary to many pets. Fido and Fluffy just don’t understand the noise and commotion, and may bolt out of fear. Make sure your pets are safe and sound indoors before the show starts. (Note: we always recommend keeping cats indoors, even when there aren’t fireworks going off.)


America’s birthday is often a scorcher. Keep a close eye on Fido and Fluffy, and make sure they aren’t getting too hot. Have plenty of fresh water available, and let your adorable pal have access to cool, shaded areas and/or rooms with climate control. 

Happy Fourth Of July! As your local Hendersonville, NC animal clinic, we’re here for you!