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Cute Ways To Help Your Cat Stay Cool

July 15 2022

Summer in North Carolina can be absolutely beautiful. It can also be dangerous, especially for pets. It’s very easy for our feline friends to get dangerously hot on those scorching summer days. Read on as a local Hendersonville, NC vet offers some cute ways to keep your kitty cool, comfy, and purring over the next few months.

Cold Treats

Many of us go for ice cream or other cold snacks when it’s really hot out. Why not treat your furry little friend to something special? You can find kitty ice cream in many pet stores. You can also make Fluffy slushies and smoothies by mixing things like canned salmon or tuna with ice, cat food, or fat-free yogurt.

Keep Kitty In

The best way to help Fluffy stay cool when temperatures soar? Keep her indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners.


Sodium-free broth is a great treat for kitties. It contains electrolytes, which can help keep your pet properly hydrated. Give Fluffy a chilled bowl now and then.

Cool Beds

Fluffy takes her naps very seriously, and she is quite diligent about rotating through various spots for all of those 43 daily naps. Make sure she has plenty of options to choose from. Your kitty may enjoy a hammock bed, or a cooling pad. You can also give her a frozen towel to look unimpressed on.


Brushing your feline pal regularly will keep that dead hair and dander out of her coat. These things can make Fluffy’s pretty fur quite hot and itchy!


One way to help your cute pet beat the heat? Drop an ice cube into her bowl! Fluffy may also enjoy having one to bat around. This will both entertain your furball and help her stay cool.

Kitty Fountain

Many cats prefer to drink running water. There is a good reason for this: in the wild, standing water is much more likely to be contaminated than running water. Consider getting Fuffy a fountain. 

Room To Roam

Given the chance, Fluffy will naturally seek out cool spots. This may be a cellar or bathroom, as tile stays cool. Keep an eye on your kitty, and make sure that she doesn’t accidentally get locked in somewhere!

As your local Hendersonville, NC animal clinic, we’re dedicated to providing top-notch care. Please feel free to contact us anytime!