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Entertaining Your Bunny

September 1 2022

Do you have a pet bunny? Rabbits have a reputation for being quite timid, but they are also very curious, and can be quite playful and mischievous. In fact, when Floppy is feeling frisky or happy, she’ll do a special little dance, which is officially known as a binkie. One way to score binkies is to keep your furry friend entertained. Bunnies aren’t much for pouncing on mice or chasing things, so you’ll need to take a different approach. A Hendersonville, NC vet offers some tips on playing with your rabbit below.

Bunny Playgrounds

Playtime will be much more fun for Floppy if you take steps to make her environment fun for her. Add some mazes for your little furball! You can use plain cardboard boxes for this. Cat tunnels will also do the job. Another option is to set up a ‘hopstacle’ course. Set out things like footstools or storage bins for your bunny to jump on and over.

Chew Toys

Rabbits don’t only need playthings for entertainment: they also need to chew to keep their teeth healthy. You can make many chew toys out of wood, wicker, straw, or cardboard items. You can even use plain paper! Just be sure there are no small or sharp parts that could hurt your furry buddy. Items with dangling strings are also unsafe, as are items that have been decorated with varnish, glue, stain, or dye. Ask your vet for more information.

Other Toys

Floppy will also appreciate having a few other types of toys. Offer her some things that were made for cats or birds. Many rabbits like playing with balls, stuffed animals, or even small cars. Children’s wooden blocks are also fine. Just stick with safe, suitable options. Also, change your cute pet’s toys out regularly to keep things fresh and fun for her.

Foraging Toys

One thing that will automatically make playtime more fun for Floppy? Food! Incorporate treats into her mazes, or crumple a sheet of plain paper up around a yummy tidbit. Or, make a bunny dig box by ‘burying’ some goodies beneath straw or shredded paper. You can even use dirt. However, this will make a mess, so it’s probably only a good option if you have a safe spot that’s easily hosed down, like an enclosed patio.

Do you have questions about bunny care? Contact us, your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic!