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Dogs At Risk Of Blindness

August 15 2022

Blind dog day is coming up on August 23rd. Any dog can be afflicted by vision loss, whether partial or complete. However, some pups are particularly susceptible. A local Hendersonville, NC vet goes over some of the risk factors below.

Brachycephalic Dogs

Brachycephalic dogs have very shallow eye sockets, which is what gives them that bug-eyed look. While those scrunched-up faces are undeniably cute, they drastically increase the risk of Fido developing several health issues, including eye problems. Any flat-faced pooch is at risk, but some of the breeds we most often see eye troubles in would include Shih-Tzus, Pugs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Bulldogs and Boxers. These guys are also highly susceptible to eye injuries. Pay extra attention to what is at Fido’s eye level!

White Dogs

There is a link between white or pale coats and vision issues, though deafness is a more common issue. This is because the cells that are associated with vision and hearing are linked to pigment cells. Ask your vet for more information.

Older Dogs

Just like people, dogs sometimes develop vision problems simply because of old age. You may notice Fido’s eyes becoming milky or clouded looking. This is often caused by cataracts, which are common in both people and pets. Even the fastest pup can’t outrace Father Time!


Some warning signs to look for include redness, tearing, cloudiness, and discharge. Fido may paw at his eyes and face. You may notice changes in the color of his eyes. Your canine pal may also blink heavily, and become sensitive to light, and/or start bumping into things. Call your vet immediately if you notice anything amiss. Some of these problems can be extremely painful, so make an appointment for your pup ASAP.


What if your furry buddy does lose his vision? This may not affect Fido as much as you may think. Dogs are incredibly resilient. Your pooch will still enjoy doing doggy things, like going for walks and getting belly rubs. You’ll just need to make some adjustments to his care regimen and home setup. Setting out runners can help your canine buddy get around. You’ll also want to pick up anything he might trip over. Your vet will be able to give you specific advice.

Do you know or suspect that your dog has vision problems? Call us, your Hendersonville, NC animal clinic!