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Choosing Holiday Gifts For Pets

December 15 2022
Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Your pet will definitely be happy to ‘supervise’ as you wrap your gifts, and then hide them or put them under the tree. A local Flat Rock, NC vet offers some tips on choosing gifts in this article.


Age may very well be the most important thing for you to consider here. Puppies and kittens are basically tiny, adorable tornadoes on paws, and they need lots of toys to keep them occupied and (hopefully) out of trouble. Fluffy will also enjoy having things to climb and play on, such as cat towers and kitty exercise wheels. Fido may like things like automated ball launchers.


Your four-legged pal’s level of health is another thing to consider. If you just adopted a rescue dog that is recovering from heartworm, a ball launcher would dangerously overexert them. An arthritic kitty, on the other paw, may have trouble getting on and off a full-sized cat tower.


Our furry companions are all unique individuals. A pup that tends to get a bit rambunctious may do well with smart toys or puzzles that will keep him occupied for hours. A timid dog or cat may prefer some pet-calming products, or perhaps a cozy enclosed bed or crate.

Other Pets

Do you have more than one four-legged friend? That is also something to keep in mind. Pets all have their own likes and dislikes, so don’t assume that they’ll all want the same things. For instance, one kitty may love catnip mice, while another may be more interested in a laser pointer. If you have a dog, you’ll also need to be careful with cat toys: many of Fluffy’s playthings are just the size to be a choking hazard for Fido. 


This one mostly applies to our canine buddies. A Chihuahua could get seriously hurt playing with something that was made for a big dog! Be sure to check labels, and make sure that the things you pick out for Fido are safe for him. This is something to be particularly aware of with things like ball launchers: some use smaller balls, which can be choking hazards for large breeds. Always check the size guidelines on the package.    Happy Holidays from all of us here at Kanuga Animal Clinic. Please reach out to us, your Flat Rock, NC pet hospital, anytime!