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5 Moments Every Cat Owner Experiences

February 15 2023

Kitties have been charming us—and keeping us entertained—for as much as 12,000 years? We’ve gotten to know Fluffy pretty well in that time, and are no longer really surprised by her love of pouncing on our toes or her habit of bringing us dead mice. And while every cat is unique, these charming furballs do share some very interesting quirks. Read on as a Flat Rock, NC vet lists some things that everyone with a cat will experience sooner or later.

Chair Theft

Cats are very opportunistic nappers. Fluffy is always on the lookout for a comfy place to sleep. At some point, you’ll get up from your chair, only to find your kitty smugly settled into your spot when you return.

Kitty Meltdown

Fluffy is usually very sweet and charming, but she can get a bit feisty. Don’t be surprised if your frisky pet suddenly pounces on your toes or scratches your hand playfully. That’s just purr for the course with our feline buddies!

Traffic Jam

Sooner or later, it’s probably safe to say that you’ll find your furry little pal casually sprawled out in the middle of the floor … usually wherever she’s most likely to be in people’s way.

Unhelpful Helper

Kitties like to pay close attention to their human buddies. Fluffy may try to assist you with household chores, such as packing suitcases, changing the sheets, and, of course, cooking.

The Shocked Look 

Don’t forget that your adorable little pet is a hunter by nature. However, she may very well try to ‘hunt’ something that isn’t safe for her to play with. You will at some point take something away from your furry buddy, only to get an indignant little meow in return.

Wake-Up Call

Our feline overlords take their beauty rest very, very seriously, but they are nowhere near as concerned about ours. It’s not out of character for Fluffy to smack her humans in the face to let them know she wants breakfast right meow.

Full Out Kitty Charm

Kitties can be a handful, but they’rere also absolutely adorable. Those furry faces, silly antics, and cute meows can be heart-meltingly cute. Fluffy can even put smiles on our faces when she is sound asleep. Life is just better with cats! 

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