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6 Reasons To Be Glad Your Cat Doesn’t Have Thumbs 

March 1 2023

March 3rd is If Pets Had Thumbs Day! This may sound adorable at first, but if you think about it, we’d probably be in pretty big trouble if Fido and Fluffy suddenly grew opposable digits and learned how to use them properly. Here, a Henderson, NC vet lists some reasons to be thankful our furry pals have paws rather than hands. 

Elastic Snaps

Humans usually outgrow the urge to snap rubber bands by the end of their teens. We’re not so sure Fluffy would follow suit. Our feline pals would probably have a field day with this one!


Kitties are quite secretive and stealthy by nature, so it only stands to reason that they would put these skills to use. Fluffy would probably quickly become a skilled hacker. After all, she’s already taken over a huge chunk of the internet!

Locked Doors

Cats like to keep a very close eye on their humans. You’d never get any privacy if Fluffy was able to unlock doors and follow you into any room she wanted! Of course, poor Fido may find himself locked out of the house, or perhaps relegated to the back yard. 

Remote Control Wars

Did you know that many cats actually enjoy watching TV programs made just for kitties? We wouldn’t put it past these little furballs to steal remotes and change the channel to their favorite bird documentary while you’re catching up on your favorite show.


If there’s one reason to be thankful that cats don’t have thumbs, it’s this. If Fluffy were suddenly able to shop online, your wallet and bank account would probably take a serious hit. As to what your kitty would put in her cart? There are the obvious choices, such as catnip, canned food, and kitty furniture, we suspect that our feline patients would enjoy ordering sushi, live fish, and pretty much anything that comes in a box.


To be fair, Fluffy may not use the powers of her new-found thumbs solely for evil. She may take up some altruistic habits. For instance, she may want to plant catnip gardens in every city park. Or perhaps she’d try her paw at painting. You really just never know with our feline buddies!

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