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Doggy Fitness 101

April 1 2023

Does your pooch love running after balls or Frisbees? Fido is quite active and energetic, and can make a great running or hiking buddy. Just like us, our canine pals need proper exercise to stay healthy. Walks are of course the gold standard here, but there are actually quite a few different doggy sports your furry pal may enjoy. A Hendersonville, NC vet goes over some of them below. 

Farm Dog Certification Tests

Homesteading is on the rise, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if we see this doggy sport growing over the next few years. As the name suggests, becoming a certified farm dog entails mastering the types of things that Fido would do as a working dog. He may have to jump over logs, interact with farm animals (without chasing them), or just position himself on straw bales. 

Fast Cat

Is your furry buddy lightning on four paws? He may be a good fit for Fast CAT®! Fast CAT is basically a doggy sprint competition. Fido won’t race other pooches: instead, he’ll be timed as he races after a lure in a 100-yard dash. Some of our four-legged friends can get up to 45 mph. Greyhounds, Jack Russells, and Dalmations are some of the speediest pups out there, but even Chihuahuas have reached 19 mph.

Doggy Dancing

Doggy dancing—or canine freestyle, as it’s technically known—entails Fido performing a choreographed routine with his human. Your pup won’t necessarily be doing pirouettes, but he may weave around your legs, go backwards, jump, or turn with you. (No word on official music selections, but we’re guessing ‘Hound Dog’ and ‘Who Let The Dogs Out?’ have been used before.)

Dock Jumping 

Many of our canine buddies  already participate in this sport, if unofficially. As you may have guessed, this one involves Fido jumping off a dock, often after some form of lure or toy. He’ll be judged based on how far he got, with the jump measured at the point where his tail met water. Golden Retrievers tend to both love and excel at this one! 

Disc Dog

If Fido loves catching Frisbees, this may be a great match for him. These disc throwing events are judged on things like accuracy, distance, and choreography. They’re also pretty cute to watch! 

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