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Cute Ways To Celebrate Kids And Pets Day

April 15 2023

There’s a pretty big pet holiday around the corner. April 26th is Kids And Pets Day! There are few things that are more adorable than seeing a little kid snuggling up with a furry friend. A Hendersonville, NC vet lists a few things you can do to celebrate this special occasion in this article. 

Arts And Crafts

Arts and crafts are a great way for children to learn to express themselves, and/or just try new things. This is also a good way to keep your little ones occupied. Have the kids make simple toys for Fido and Fluffy. For instance, an old tee shirt can be upcycled into a rope toy. Catnip mice are also easy sewing projects. Look online for specific ideas.


Another thing you can do is have your little ones make treats for your four-legged friends. Here’s a simple recipe that is fine for most dogs and cats: combine some shredded chicken with parsley and some plain non-fat yogurt. Mix it into a batter consistency, then pour into a mold and cook until crunchy. Start with 20 minutes at 375, and adjust as needed. If you want to try different recipes for Fido, you can even get a homemade treat maker. This is very much like a waffle maker, but the slots are shaped like bones. (Note: you should never give your pooch actual bones, especially cooked ones.) Just be sure to stick with safe ingredients.

Photo Sessions 

Fido and Fluffy are very photogenic, and take absolutely adorable photos. Snap some shots of your furry friend with their tiny humans. These may end up becoming treasured mementos. This can also be a good start for a fun annual tradition. Take the same picture every year!

Day Trip 

Cat owners can probably skip this one: Fluffy really isn’t much for adventure. However, if you have a dog, consider taking Fido on a fun day trip to a new park, trail, or even the beach. 

Movie Time 

You certainly don’t need a reason to watch a cute animal movie, but this is a pretty perfect entertainment choice. Opt for timeless classics, like Babe or Old Yeller, or choose a modern flick, like the new Puss In Boots. Documentaries count, too! 

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