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Spoil Your Dog Day

August 1 2022

August 10th is Spoil Your Dog Day! Fido definitely deserves some extra love and attention for his devotion, love, and loyalty. We all know that our canine pals love bacon and belly rubs, but those aren’t the only things that get that cute tail going. A Hendersonville, NC vet offers some tips on how to pamper your pup on his special day below.


Dogs all have their own tastes, and that applies to toys. Some pups love tennis balls, some go for rope toys, and some just want to play with plastic coffee cans. Get Fido something new, and take time to play with him. 


You can’t celebrate a doggy holiday without giving your canine friend a special snack. Any kind of cooked, unseasoned meat, fish, or poultry is fine, as long as you’ve removed the skin, bones, and fat. You can also try a gourmet store-bought treat, or perhaps buy or make Fido some jerky. Or, pick up some doggy ice cream for Fido at a local pet store. Just stick with safe options, and don’t go overboard.

Yard Pupgrade 

Does your furry pal have a yard to chase squirrels around in? Make it more fun for him by adding some dog-friendly features. Doghouses, of course, are the gold standard here. You can also get Fido a kiddie pool, sandbox, or pet fountain.


Fido definitely has some fans in the technology sector: There are all sorts of new gadgets you can get your pup! If your four-legged buddy is a bit too adventurous, get him a tag with a GPS tracker. You can also get him a smart bowl, remote-controlled toy, or an automated ball launcher. 

New Bed

Did you know that dogs spend about half of their lives snoozing? A new bed would be a great gift for your furry bff!


Fido really just wants to spend time with his favorite humans. Carve out some quiet quality time with your canine companion! Try out a new park or trail with your pooch, or meet some friends and their dogs at the beach. Or, if you and your pooch are homebodies, just spend some quiet time relaxing. No matter what you do, just be sure there are lots of belly rubs and ear scritches involved!

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